NSU Ro 80 keeping with the metallic trend

Copper metallic was all the rage in 1967. It served somewhat as a herald of what the paintwork in the automotive industry would look like in the Flower Power years. And, the shiny metallic paintwork the Neckarsulm car makers selected for their NSU Ro 80 Wankel limousine certainly comes off as the perfect blend: Lending a premium and top-end look to the vehicle, it also accentuated the rounded contour of its body. For 18 years, the NSU Ro 80 remained a particular favourite at WIKING - first under the “12r” and later the “128” model number. No wonder then that - to this day - the total number of NSU Ro 80 that “rolled off the line” at WIKING exceeds the total of the original ever produced in Neckarsulm, where production ended in 1977 after 37,402 units. The project of the “Wankel engine” was finally abandoned at the time, eliminating the NSU brand name from Audi’s product range for good. After it entered series production in 1968, the Ro 80 was voted Europe’s “Car of the Year” - especially by merit of its shape, its plethora of safety features and its innovative technology. Today, the limousine is counted among the greatest car icons of all time.