WIKING’s miniatures stand for German automotive history

With simple unglazed wire-axle models - so-called “Drahtachser” - everything started in the Berlin model making workshops - the big world of miniatures has begun to grow. Over the past 85 years, an impressive product range has been created, which is - at the same time - a reflection of the German automotive industry of the post-war period. It was the authenticity of the WIKING models and their aura in the 1960s that made the already glazed miniatures popular and collectable, led by the company founder Friedrich Peltzer.

Today, the WIKING “heart” belongs to the Sieper Group located in South Westphalia - well-known for toy models of the brand “siku”. There, the amazing models will be designed and produced. Every two months new models are available for dealers and collectors.Fire brigade vehicles and cars, but also cutting-edge tractors or multi-faceted classics are among them; and of course the popular reproduction of long-forgotten models.

WIKING History
SIKU//WIKING Modellwelt