What will change in 2024?

The new products information will be published monthly in 2024, announcing the WIKING models already available at retailers. This will supply the collector with long-awaited model news even faster.

Where will the latest WIKING products be available?

Nothing will change! WIKING models will remain available at your preferred retailer or the familiar online shops. Once announced, the product will be delivered with unchanged reliability, but with greater speed than ever before.

How will WIKING collectors be notified?

WIKING's new products newsletter will transfigure into a monthly collectors’ channel. A place where fans of the brand will learn everything about the new items. 

What will happen to the new items leaflets?

Previously released every two months, the new items leaflets will now be published monthly as WIKING's new products info. Released with revised brand visuals, the information will be available as a digital download.

Will there be any changes to WIKING's yearly catalogue?

The WIKING CATALOGUE will remain available for download as a digital e-paper at Meanwhile, the WIKING MAGAZINE will be available as a print release with the WIKING CATALOGUE integrated into its contents – creating a brand compendium with collector's value.

What drove WIKING to change their previous information and sales practice?

The user patterns shown by fans of the WIKING brand have changed significantly over the years. Especially the acceptance of the digital world across all generations has had a major impact on the collectors’ habits. Most collectors today keep themselves informed by visiting the online platform


How can I make sure that I receive information on new WIKING models on a regular basis?

Quite easily: you can subscribe to our newsletter via this website at This will ensure that you are sent WIKING's most interesting news at regular intervals. On this website, you can also view the very latest models by clicking on "Models" followed by "New models".  


Is it possible to visit the WIKING factory?

Unfortunately not. The main reason for this is that we are constantly working on confidential orders and in particular on the construction of new models where the original vehicles have not even been launched by the manufacturer yet. Regrettably, we have no other choice than to make this sacrifice on account of vehicle manufacturers' wish to protect their designs. Otherwise we would stand to run an incalculable risk which would carry significant contractual penalties for us.

How is the decision to create a model made?

That is certainly the most difficult of all the decisions we have to make as the list of potential originals which would make great models is a long one and would give us easily enough models for many years to come. However, decisions are carefully considered over and over again and new models are added to the range while others are shelved.
The decision has never been an easy one for WIKING to make because at the start of the mould-making process, significant investments need to be made which cannot be reversed and then take years to pay for themselves. WIKING's past chronology plays an important part in the process. But in the case of special vehicles, for example, the attractiveness of the theme is also a factor which is taken into consideration. In the case of classic vehicles on the other hand, it is the epoch-making significance of the type of vehicle which is being miniaturised that is important. All in all, the new model really has to stand out from the other models already included in the range. 

What are orders from industry?

A lot of companies appreciate the models rich in tradition created by WIKING Modellbau and want to customise them for their clients. Sometimes the models are then given as gifts or, in individual cases, also sold by proprietary dealers. However, each of these editions is strictly limited. Some particularly attractive models are made available – usually after carrying out slight modifications – as model upgrades.

Can collectors also make suggestions?

Yes, of course. Model enthusiasts have always sent their suggestions to WIKING. A lot of their ideas have been taken up – admittedly at a much later date in a lot of cases. That applies to design variants and suggested colours in particular. The easiest way to submit a suggestion is via the Feedback link, ideally attaching photos of the subjects. You can, of course, also send photos or documents by post to WIKING Modellbau, Schlittenbacher Straße 60, 58511 Lüdenscheid. We enjoy receiving all your suggestions and can promise that each one will be discussed in great detail and taken into account in the planning of our models.

Can I find out about the history of WIKING?

Yes, you can. The WIKING MAGAZINE is published every autumn and contains news on all the latest events, besides covering a wide variety of historic topics. These also include the year-by-year chronology of model themes. There are also two books on WIKING which can be recommended as standard works because they are not only based on exclusive archive research but also the reports of numerous contemporary witnesses who tell how things really were. The book entitled "WIKING: A legend in model-making" is currently only available second-hand while the work entitled "WIKING – Small cars, big passion" is available from the Delius Klasing Verlag. 

Is WIKING interested in collectors' personal stories about WIKING?

Of course! We are fully aware of the fact that a lot of people have found a lifelong companion in WIKING models. Most of them associate personal experiences with them and are often able to remember their first encounters with one or other of the WIKING models. We want to hear any story you may have to tell – no matter whether it is short or long. It's entirely up to you. Genuine childhood photos are also something we love to receive. Just e-mail us at: 

Can I get hold of old catalogues or newsletters from WIKING?

We are not able to provide any catalogues or newsletters which are no longer current or valid. Specialist dealers may be able to supply you with these as they are sent the whole range of publications we produce. Anyone interested in historic brochures is recommended to read the standard work entitled "WIKING: A legend in model-making". The book contains 120 pages of information, including reprints of historic illustrated price lists from 1948. Due to popular demand, it is out of print at the publishers and only second-hand copies are now available.

Sources of supply

Where can I obvain the models?

If you are based in Germany, you can easily place your orders  online via our homepage. A reliable WIKING retailer will provide you with the requested items. The shop is thus a direct online line to the competent retailers. Of course, WIKING models can still be purchased from stationary dealers.

Are spare parts available for each individual model?

Unfortunately, we cannot help as far as that is concerned. Because of the multitude of types – some models consist of more than 40 individual parts – it would cost so much to keep a stock of spare parts and require such high staff intensity that the cost of the individual parts would not be acceptable to model enthusiasts anyway. That is why we cannot do that – thank you very much for your understanding!

What does "out of stock at the factory" means?

WIKING usually manufactures strictly limited editions; these ones will not be reproduced in exactly this version. If the produced quantity is completely delivered to the dealers, the article is out of stock at the factory. However, such articles are often still available either at our stationary retailers  or online through our homepage - whereby the goods are also supplied by the retail shops.


Why are more models not available in N-gauge?

Yes, we are often asked that question. WIKING has spent decades continuously trying to expand its range of 1:160 models. In view of the demand for N-gauge models which is still manageable, we have been very careful when making investments over the past 40 years as each 1:160 model which we produce means that another cannot be made in 1:87. But as everyone knows, that is where the preferences of model vehicle enthusiasts lie.

Will the 1:32 scale be expended further in the future?

The 1:32 scale, successfully launched in 2007 and initially limited to agricultural models, will be further expanded in the future. In cooperation with the original manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, WIKING has always tried to realize the most attractive products and "lighthouse projects" to 1:32 scale.

What are "prototype production runs" which we keep reading about?

WIKING Modellbau does not recognise this term because it was coined a long time ago within certain collectors’ circles and adopted on many occasions after that. Its background is easy to explain and comprehend: models are either at the design stage or are unfinished or semi-finished models which are not intended for specialist dealers. The term "prototype production run" mistakenly gives the impression of a small batch of models which has been created intentionally. However, that is not the case. Anyway, official policy prevents individual pieces from being taken from the model-making workshops as employees are understandably not allowed to take production models unofficially – a rule which applies in any company. Only circles of people who are interested in high prices for models use this term to suggest a certain – yet doubtful - rarity. This is often how models which have been modified elsewhere are circulated. So be careful!