Claas Trion 720 Montana with Convio 1080 and trolley

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Trion is the name of Claas’s new generation of combine harvesters

Resounding success for the new Claas Trion: Distinguished as the “Farm Machine 2022”, it has become the world leader in its category of combine ha... Resounding success for the new Claas Trion: Distinguished as the “Farm Machine 2022”, it has become the world leader in its category of combine harvesters! The Claas Trion 720 Montana, in which chassis tilt compensation is being implemented in a model for the first time, is making its debut at WIKING in the traditional wheeled version with the Convio 1080 cutting unit and transport trolley. The international panel of trade journalist judges summarises the WIKING model’s prototype as follows: The wide variety of equipment and version options will surely allow the Trion over the next couple of years to win over farmers and agricultural contractors alike. The machine allowed Claas to reach their engineering goal of offering a wide and strictly customer-focused selection of mid-range combine harvesters capable of harvesting crops in all key crop growing regions of the world. The product thus closes the last remaining gap in the technological solutions ranging all the way up to the Lexion class. Introduced in the summer of 2021 under the motto of “Fits your farm”, the Trion initially entered the European market with the remarkable number of 20 model variants in a bid to redefine the medium performance class of combine harvesters. Nearly all models can be equipped with a whole host of features - from the 258 hp five-straw walker to the 435 hp hybrid combine harvester with twin rotor. WIKING’s expertise in self-propelled machines of this size is second to none. No wonder that the 1:32 scale model causes just as much of a sensation as the real-life Claas Trion. It is especially combine harvesters that enjoy tremendous popularity thanks to their impressive and exceptionally detailed design. The newest addition is a 1:32 scale miniature of the latest series made by the agricultural machinery experts from Harsewinkel. The new Class Trion 720 is now being introduced with a Convio 1080 cutting unit. The most recent generation of the real-life large harvester boasts a similar level of performance as the rest of the series and will make its mark on the current decade with engine output levels ranging from 258 to 435 HP and grain tank volumes of 8,000 to 12,000 litres. The grain tank serves as intermediate storage in the combine harvester until the grains are loaded onto a lorry or tractor trailer driving alongside the harvester. In a matter of mere minutes, the grains are reloaded via the folding arm on the side and its integrated screw conveyor. There is no need for the combine harvester to stop as it is capable of unloading the grains while in motion and continuing to thresh the crop. The new generation delivers the specifications that half of the customers on the German market alone have requested.

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