WIKING Novelties February 2024

  • VW T2 with its new Bosch-coloured tarp is sure to turn heads
  • Upscale “Big” special edition of the Beetle 1303 S 
  • Reunion including cargo and corrugated sheet metal garage
  • Incorporated: WIKING Magazine now comes with the catalogue 

The year kicks off with a February delivery to the retail trade that is focused on both long-time and modern classics. Outfitted with a new tarp and flaunting contemporary Bosch colours, the VW T2 rolls up as a "Doka" with a double cabin and is sure to attract a great deal of attention. What is more, the traditional model makers at WIKING directed their attention to the former special edition of the Beetle 1303 S dating back to 1973 - and managed to create a gorgeous VW miniature of the legendary post-war endurance runner. And, since WIKING fans appreciate the history of both the brand and the model, they are treated to a welcome change of colour for the cargo and the corrugated sheet metal garage. This will liven up the scenery! Not least because of the VW 181 and the Jaguar E-Type, which authentically replicate the originals and round off the WIKING delivery for the start of the year. We have introduced a novelty to our in-house chronicles: Starting with the February release, the 2024 WIKING Magazine will be published with a complete graphical overhaul and an increase in volume due to the integration of the yearly catalogue, resulting in increased information value. WIKING’s annual catalogue will, of course, remain available as a free e-paper download.