Nuremberg Toy Fair 2024

  • Creative complements to the product range for fans of the brand
  • Borgward’s transporter Lloyd LT 500 in 1:87
  • Land Rover 107 Series I as a pick-up and the Chevrolet Blazer
  • Return of the Henschel HS 14/16 and new plank bed
  • VW T2b in 3 body versions
  • A new dolly adds new appeal to 1:32-scale combinations

Striking miniatures from new moulds, attractive designs from old moulds - WIKING's signature creativity will be notable in 2024! The traditional model makers use the new model year as an opportunity to add fun for fans of the brand and enthusiasts of the 1:87 scale and reignite their passion for collecting. Much excitement will be created equally by the transporter Lloyd LT 500 and the Land Rover 107 Series I as an authentic pick-up. Another model that will have no trouble drawing attention to itself is the Chevrolet K5 Blazer – thanks to the husky brawn of its American SUV design. The lorry selection will celebrate a reunion with the Henschel HS 14/16, after new cab moulds were used to restore the structural details of the sought-after lorry miniatures to their full glory. Also included are two plank bed superstructures crafted from new moulds - with and without stanchions. And, since they love sharing the charm exuded by the legendary VW “Bulli”, WIKING is releasing the T2b as a passenger van, a box van, and a camper van. Sometimes it is all about the details – and WIKING knows the ones that will please. WIKING enhances the 1:32 precision scale with a dolly, turning the existing semi-trailers into tools that are ready for use in everyday farming applications and, thus, for tractor combinations that are on the cutting edge. The accompanying 2024 WIKING catalogue is, for the first time, released as a voluminous print publication and as a combination with the 2024 WIKING Magazine. Naturally, the separate 2024 WIKING catalogue will remain available as a single PDF download.


Borgward's light-duty transporter Lloyd LT 500 left its mark on the 1950s

This transporter shaped the Borgward era until its last day. WIKING introduces the Lloyd LT from new moulds, complementing the series of vehicles that exemplified the Economic Miracle age. The LT thereby fits seamlessly into the series of VW T1 and Ford FK 1000. The "big" Lloyd was built both as a passenger van and a full-blown transporter - initially still planked with plywood, it was not until the second half of the 1950s that the vehicle was furnished with a steel plate at the Bremen production site. The motorization of the original was truly modest at the time it was produced: From 1952 to 1955, the Lloyd LT 500 had a two-cylinder two-stroke engine with 386 cm³ displacement and an output of 13 hp before the identical Lloyd LT 600 was delivered with a two-cylinder four-stroke engine with 596 cm³ displacement and 19 hp. Before they went bankrupt in 1961, Borgward produced 9,900 Lloyd LT 500 and 14,768 LT 600. Borgward's transporter thus augments the now nearly complete range of types available in the post-war decade.


Land Rover 107 celebrates its première as a contemporary pick-up

Nearly as contemporary as it gets: WIKING has miniaturised the Land Rover 107 Series I in its 1958 pick-up version. With this gorgeous all-wheel drive classic WIKING further enhances their product selection. The first incarnation of the Land Rover boasts a long history at WIKING: The first, short "Landy" 88 debuted in 1962 as a 1:87-scale model and was followed up with a companion hardtop version three years later. This legendary off-roader owes the opportunity to continue living as a pick-up version to its unquestionable status as a classic. WIKING has painstakingly brought out the numerous details of the body, especially on the closed cab and on the flatbed with all its contemporary fittings. Of course, great attention was also devoted to the front with the interior radiator grille and the headlights in a bid to perfectly replicate the facing with new moulds.


With the VW T2b, WIKING adds a new chapter to the “Bulli” story 

WIKING and VW “Bullis” have always been two sides of the same coin! Now, mould construction is focusing on the iconic T2 with the additional designation "b", which entered into production in 1972. With its angular rear section, the wide bumpers, the rectangular rear lights, the turn signals in the radiator grille, and a flatter roof as well as a number of additional modifications, the T2b further advances the chronology of the VW passenger van. No fewer than three body versions, a passenger van, a box van and a camper van, promise a multitude of colour and printing options for the future, recreating the originals that travelled the streets in the 70s.  The Lüdenscheid model makers furnish the camper van with three different “Westfalia” roof variants: The model with the open high roof is certainly the most impressive version, which is not to say that both versions with the closed roofs will not enjoy equally great popularity with collectors. The era of the “Bulli” on the 1:87 lives on!


Burly Blazer K5 by Chevrolet becomes a legendary modern classic among SUVs

This modern classic is a genuine WIKING surprise! The Chevrolet K5 Blazer with the model year of 1976 has been miniaturised true to the 1:87 scale - a model-making highlight with an abundance of automotive history. In recent years, the traditional model makers had already turned their attention to SUV developments numerous times - most recently to the Range Rover of the early generation, but other models such as the Lada Niva have been included in the meantime as well. These models are now joined by the Chevrolet K5 Blazer, the most popular US vehicle in Germany at the time, which was a major head-turner in the1970s, not least because it eclipsed every European off-road vehicle in terms of size. This incarnation of the Blazer is an SUV through and through, standing out primarily with plenty of chrome. The impression it left was marked primarily by the distinctively low buzz of its V8 engine – just as you would expect from an American vehicle. 


Henschel HS 14/16 returns to its ancestral design

The revitalization of established moulds for the Henschel HS 14/16 and the use of new moulds for other Henschel classics have given new and well-deserved significance in the story of the lorries from Kassel that has been upheld in the WIKING product range with such great passion. Henschel is back! WIKING ensures this in the 2024 model year with supplementary moulds designed specifically for the cubic Henschel HS 14/16. The past has already seen instances where the traditional model makers paid tribute to the design skill of French industrial designer Louis Lucien Lepoix. Two new tools have made it possible for the driver's cab with the square headlamps to make its comeback to the series after the old mould became worn beyond repair. State-of-the-art reproduction technology has, of course, made it possible for the traditional model makers to stay close to the WIKING original created by former master model maker Alfred Kedzierski. No wonder that the traditional design language is also implemented in the lower part of the driver's cab with the round headlamps, allowing for the return of the road-going version to the product range after the additional loss of the mould. WIKING fans can already look forward to new creations of construction vehicles and variants for other use cases. The Henschel HS 14/16 will then roll into the portfolio both as a standalone lorry and a tractor unit for various semi-trucks.


Lorries of the cab-over generation are treated to a new plank bed and stanchion superstructure

Whether it be for Mercedes-Benz, Magirus-Deutz, MAN or Volvo - WIKING has two new superstructures ready for the cab-over-engine generation of the late 1960s and all of the 1970s. Creating them with the help of historic moulds, WIKING is updating the modern classics with a plank bed, creating a fresh impulse for the era. All cab-over-engines of those years can be equipped with these new developments, which, of course, also come with the contemporary front wall between superstructure and driver's cab. 


Well-done: Dolly for realistic 1:32 tractor combinations

WIKING's 1:32 range of range is enhanced yet again with another close-to-real-work-life detail. The dolly gives fans of agriculture and forestry something to look forward to as it allows the Kotte tank semi-trailer garant TSA 30.000 and the Krampe roller carriage SB II 30/1070 to be turned into tractor combinations that can be used for the day-to-day operations on the farmyard. WIKING continuous with their targeted approach to further advance their range of 1:32 precision scale models. The company is already hard at work to incorporate state-of-the-art tractors into their 2024 line-up.