New Models August 2023

  • A reunion with the first gullwing model made by WIKING

  • Düsseldorf transporter hauls for Union Transport 

  • MAN Pausbacke in the colours of Walhalla Kalk

  • Mighty Aral tanker trailer with Henschel bonnet truck


Diesel roller from the heart of Westphalia

Numerous civil engineering companies preferred their construction vehicles to be painted red. And, road roller manufacturer Ruthemeyer from Soest, Westphalia, gave their construction vehicles exactly that paintwork - right at the factory. Manufactured at Ruthemeyer’s construction machinery works in the heart of Westphalia, the road roller miniaturized by WIKING on the 1:87 scale was one of the key construction vehicles in Germany for many years - with many machines remaining in use until the eighties. Several originals of this diesel roller have been preserved, usually set up today at building yards and maintenance and storage facilities to serve as a reminiscence of decades long ago.