Agritechnica 2017

12th to 18th November 2017


Unimog U 411 with folding roof enhances favourite theme

• WIKING trade show models in Hall 27 at Booth G53a
• Selection of agricultural models available
• Agritechnica 2017 shows models and their real-life counterparts

The wait is over – the pulse of global agriculture will be beating in Hanover again: At Agritechnica, which will be held between November 12 and November 18, 2017. Any enthusiast of agricultural models in the most popular scales 1:32 and 1:87 will find what they are looking for at the WIKING booth in Hall 27. The traditional model makers brought their entire model portfolio to the fair to demonstrate the appeal of agricultural miniatures at Booth G53a. There can be no doubt that Agritechnica is the world's foremost platform for the presentation of the technologies that will shape the future of agriculture. While the number of exhibitors was up to an already impressive 2,200 ten years ago, the organisers managed to expand the spectrum of vendors even further over the last decade: no fewer than 2,900 exhibitors presented their wares last year. The fact that the popularity of precision models is unabated in agricultural hobbyists and professionals alike is evident in the crowds that are drawn to WIKING's booth every year as if by magic, turning the booth into one of the main attractions at the fair grounds in Lower Saxony's capital.

True-to-life 1:87 and 1:32 models staged properly

Naturally, the trade fair hosts a slew of original manufacturers who showcase WIKING miniatures of different scales at their own booths. But, anyone taking pleasure in exceptional special release Agritechnica models will also be in the right place at the WIKING booth. An amazing piece of agricultural history, the original Gaggenau Unimog, is now available in scale 1:87. The trade show miniature of the U 411 fits in seamlessly with the other models of WIKING’s collector’s theme, which has been popular with enthusiasts for decades. Replicating every detail of the real-life brother, the traditional model makers crafted a 1:87 miniature in beige with a contrasting quartz-grey folding roof. Being the perfect replica that it is, the model also comes with the “UNIMOG” lettering and the tell-tale ox head. The U 411 is yet another striking addition to the big world of small models and is ready to be turned into a compact and agile vehicle combination.

But WIKING did not stop there and also engineered a special model for
1:32 model aficionados. Introduced in 2015, the Brantner E 6035 single-axle, three-way tipper glistens in bright municipal orange and stands ready to complete any job to be done around the city’s civic amenity sites. The regular flatbed is equipped with a second row of steel attachment walls, which increase the loading capacity and visibly boost the volume of the tipper. While the single-axle trailer is traditionally designed as a rear-dumping trailer, it can also be tipped toward the right. The lower flatbed wall can be opened both by itself and in combination with the second attachment wall that is arranged above it. The model shares a lot of features with its real-life brother. For instance, the grain outlet gate can be cranked down and opened towards the top when tipping out grain or other bulk goods. The flatbed walls are designed to move, while the intricate imprints round off the overall impression of superior craftsmanship.